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Olympic Games: The economics of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world

The golden era of global trade may be behind us. Until recently, tariffs were decreasing and free-trade agreements were increasing.

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Risks automakers face as they reimagine their business

The automotive industry is experiencing significant transformation. With increasing demand from consumers and governments for environmentally friendly transportation, manufacturers are

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Canada’s shadow trade sector

Canada’s trade activities now extend far beyond the traditional exchange of goods and services across borders. With the expansion of

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Misconceptions about Trade Credit Insurance

Managing credit risk inhibits sales One aims to safeguard their business, while the other seeks to expand into new markets.

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Machines and Engineering Industry Trends June 2024

Global Engineering Outlook: Modest Growth in 2024, Driven by Asia Pacific We anticipate a 0.5% increase in global mechanical engineering

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Will the Turkish economy benefit from the authorities’ U-turn towards greater orthodoxy?

In mid-2021, Türkiye introduced the Turkish Economic Program (TEP) to boost production, investment, employment, and exports. To support these goals,

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Mid-year Economic Outlook 2024-25: Games wide open?

The upcoming political developments will again challenge resilience. While global growth hit its lowest point in the first half of

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Industrial policy: old dog, new tricks? 

Industrial policies and subsidies are making a strong comeback, particularly in major economies like the US, China, India, Germany, and

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Electronics/ICT Industry Trends June 2024

Computer and office equipment output and sales are expected to rebound in 2024 and 2025 as devices purchased during the

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Clean Energy Transition: Machines & Manufacturing

Given that the machinery sector ranks relatively low in global greenhouse gas emissions, is it necessary to highlight the current