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Keeping holiday shopping cybersafe

People are always in search of the best bargains and most affordable prices, which might lead them to consider shopping

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Counting pennies

While the probability of a systemic sovereign debt crisis remains low, and the vast majority of Canadian exporters tend to


Invoice Cover

What matters to us is YOU. We know that running your own company is a lot of work but having

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(GSA) – Gerald Shtull & Associates 

Gerald Shtull & Associates, the largest brokerage firm in Canada specializing in credit insurance, offers your company cash flow protection,

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Falling off a savings cliff?

Excess savings compared to consumption in Europe and the US are still substantial, with the highest levels in the UK



The global competition for vehicle electrification is heating up as countries and industries work to secure their place in the

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Granting credit has never been this difficult

RIAC member Elevate has found it hard to grant credit – find out why here: this year, learn more

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House of cards? Perspectives on European housing 

North America isn’t the only place with a volatile housing market. See Allianz’s perspective on the European market here:

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EU fiscal rules – quo vadis?

Next week, the European Commission is expected to propose the most ambitious overhaul of the EU fiscal framework in more

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Sharp increase in insolvencies as govt. support expires

As government support measures related to the pandemic have ended almost everywhere, we expect insolvencies to rise sharply in some