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Turning the page to 2021

Do our Happy New Year wishes already have a very hollow ring to them? Spem successus alit. If success truly

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Why Accounts Receivables Insurance?

Interview transcript with Mark Hall, VP Elevate Global Insurance Welcome to Elevate Global Insurance. With me today is Mark Hall,

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How Canadian businesses can ride China’s economic wave

The remarkable growth of China’s economy and emergence of a burgeoning middle-income class over the last two decades has presented

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Latin America: one of the worst affected by Covid-19

Heavy dependence on informal labour markets and tourism exacerbates the Covid-19 shock Of all emerging market regions, Latin America and

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Rewards & risks of export payment terms

Offering flexible payment terms can give you a competitive edge in your international business, but if you choose the wrong

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Country Report Bulgaria 2020

Recession softened by fiscal and monetary measures Political situation Political instability has increased After the snap elections held in March

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Canada’s organic sector just keeps growing

According to a recent Export Development Canada report, Canadians will buy about $7 billion worth of organic food in 2020.

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Got questions about selling outside Canada? There’s an app for that

If freight train A is travelling at 150 kilometres an hour from Toronto to New York City carrying 225 kilograms

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Spiking COVID-19 cases threaten Canada’s recovery

A second wave of COVID-19 cases and stagnation across other indicators is pushing Export Development Canada’s economic recovery tracker into

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How to develop a comprehensive driver safety program

After you’ve hired an experienced and qualified driver, you’ll need to provide training before they embark on their first trip.