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Olympic Games: The economics of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world

The golden era of global trade may be behind us. Until recently, tariffs were decreasing and free-trade agreements were increasing.

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Green infrastructure investment

The public sector cannot do it alone The war in Ukraine underscores that scaling up investment in climate-smart infrastructure is

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Country Report France – June 2021

French industries performance: upgrades for some sectors, but the credit risk for many businesses in key industries remains high. Economic

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France: an increase in payment duration

After an increase from 43.5% in 2017 to 47.5% this year, France has the second highest percentage of overdue B2B

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Global Economic Outlook – November 2018

The bright outlook presented in May has proven true but clouds are quickly gathering on the horizon. In an increasingly

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Companies in France: Fewer Business Insolvencies, But Still Just as Many “Zombies”

The number of corporate insolvencies in France has continued to decline at the beginning of 2018: -8.3% year-on-year to end

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Insolvency forecasts March 2018

The global economy is in a sweet spot of broad-based economic growth and low interest rates, but we expect this