The proliferation of coups d’état in Africa: towards a new, more unstable era?

Between 1950 and September 2023, there were 491 coups d’état recorded across 97 countries, with 245 of them being successful. Latin America and Africa emerged as the most affected regions, comprising 29% and 44% of recorded coups respectively. Since the 1990s, Africa consistently witnessed more coups compared to other parts of the world. Over the past decade, coup attempts in Africa, particularly in the Sahel region, have seen a higher success rate than before.

The Coface political and social fragility index in the Sahel region showed a distinct trend from other African countries between 2008 and 2014, notably increasing since 2012. This rise can be attributed to armed conflicts, military operations, especially those against terrorism, and regional instability, which have exacerbated social and political tensions.

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