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Economic outlook: U.S. in for banner year

Forecast brighter for Canada, Japan, United Kingdom Is this just a spring thing? A year into COVID-19, we’re used to

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Country Report China March 2021

China’s economy: a strong rebound forecast in 2021, but ongoing Sino-US trade disputes and increasing political strains with the US

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Job market begins to heat up

COVID-19 snake-bit the economy one year ago, infecting most sectors instantly with its venom. Labour markets typically react to such

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Show me the money: debunking a couple of myths about excess liquidity

The reflation trade that has engulfed capital markets is largely based on the idea that a lot of money has

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Vehicle demand is hot

Supply chain disruptions major headache for auto producers It shouldn’t be this way. A pandemic-obsessed public, uncertain about the economy’s

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Plunging infections: Success, or just another wave?

New coronavirus infections are plunging globally. This hasn’t happened yet in this yearlong odyssey, except for brief moments. Currently, the

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Shortage of shipping containers a critical concern

Soaring freight rate hikes, delays for goods purchased from China. Shipping containers are a rare commodity these days. Those who

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U.S. housing market: Sign of global revival?

In the world of economic adjectives, “hot” has had a very lonely year. In frustration, we’ve also ditched standard leading

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Recovering from a Business Disruption: 4 Crucial Steps

Being prepared for a business disruption is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity for your operation. Whether it’s severe weather,

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Risk: Friend or foe?

Risk is swirling around us everywhere. Risk is rarely ubiquitous, but now is clearly one of those moments. COVID-19 has