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Canadian competitiveness: Can nice guys finish first?

Widespread access to capital key to ensuring our continued relevance Canada is often touted as being one of the best

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FAQs: What Canadian exporters need to know about Russia-Ukraine conflict

At Export Development Canada (EDC), we’re here to support Canadian businesses and exporters affected by the conflict between Russia and

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Economic outlook: Don’t look up!

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Global growth should remain robust but uneven, with rising divergence between advanced and emerging market economies. We expect omicron-related

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Six top trends to watch in 2022

As we kick off a new year in a world still reeling from the pandemic, Canadian companies need to remain

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Trade confidence powers on

Challenges aside, Canadian exporters hold bright view of 2022 t’s nice to wind down 2021 with a bit of good

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COVID-19: Some industries still submerged

Growth may be testing capacity limits, but not for all. By now, we should be over this. COVID-19 shipwrecked the

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P&P Optica uses the science of light to keep food out of landfills

If you’ve ever picked up a prescription medication or matched a paint chip at a home-improvement store, you’ve been touched

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The fork in the road

Growth surges while pandemic lingers It was the famous quipster Yogi Berra who advised: “When you come to a fork

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The retail sector’s activity has been affected by the COVID crisis through social distancing measures and closure of stores. However,

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If supply chains are a mess, why is global trade booming?

Gloomy economic headlines make for mixed messages Scan the headlines and you could be forgiven for thinking that global trade