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Israel – UAE trade normalisation

The recent normalisation of diplomatic and trade relations between Israel and the UAE will unlock mutual trade opportunities Summary The

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Country Report Russia March 2021

Major structural weaknesses weigh on growth prospects Political situation Relations with Western countries have deteriorated further In a referendum held

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Country Report China March 2021

China’s economy: a strong rebound forecast in 2021, but ongoing Sino-US trade disputes and increasing political strains with the US

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Country Report USA 2021

8th February 2021 A robust economic rebound expected in 2021, but major downside risks remain Political situation Policy uncertainty has

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Country Report India 2021

The repercussions of coronavirus have hit an already weakening economy. Political situation Government still in a strong position, but social

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Latin America: one of the worst affected by Covid-19

Heavy dependence on informal labour markets and tourism exacerbates the Covid-19 shock Of all emerging market regions, Latin America and

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Country Report Bulgaria 2020

Recession softened by fiscal and monetary measures Political situation Political instability has increased After the snap elections held in March


Country Report Romania 2020

A rather modest economic rebound expected in 2021 after a marked slowdown Political situation  Political uncertainty remains a major issue

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Country Report Brazil 2020

An economic contraction of more than 4% as domestic demand has suffered Political situation Political stability has increased over the

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Country Report Czech Republic 2020

The Czech economy remains highly vulnerable to foreign trade losses Political situation Minority government to remain in place until October