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Country Report USA 2021

A robust economic rebound expected in 2021, but major downside risks remain Political situation Policy uncertainty has decreased with the

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Country Report France – June 2021

French industries performance: upgrades for some sectors, but the credit risk for many businesses in key industries remains high. Economic

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Country Report Italy – June 2021

3rd June 2021ShowSharePrint the page Italian economy: the 2021 rebound has led to industry performance upgrades, but the outlook for

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Country Report Germany – May 2021

German industries performance: metals and steel up one notch, but still elevated credit risk for many automotive and machines businesses.

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Country Report Chile – May 2021

The Chilean business environment remains one of the best in the region, but increased policy uncertainty could weigh on the

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Country Report UAE – May 2021

Ongoing rebound, but the credit risk situation of several industries remains strained, in particular in the construction and service sectors.

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Country Report Morocco – April 2021

The economy is forecast to grow about 5% this year. The scope of recovery in Europe as Morocco’s main export

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2021: A turn of the tide in insolvencies

As fiscal support is gradually phased out, global corporate insolvencies are forecast to increase by 26% in 2021 Summary Corporate

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Israel – UAE trade normalisation

The recent normalisation of diplomatic and trade relations between Israel and the UAE will unlock mutual trade opportunities Summary The

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Country Report Russia March 2021

Major structural weaknesses weigh on growth prospects Political situation Relations with Western countries have deteriorated further In a referendum held