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Machines and Engineering Industry Trends June 2024

Global Engineering Outlook: Modest Growth in 2024, Driven by Asia Pacific We anticipate a 0.5% increase in global mechanical engineering

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Electronics/ICT Industry Trends June 2024

Computer and office equipment output and sales are expected to rebound in 2024 and 2025 as devices purchased during the

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Clean Energy Transition: Machines & Manufacturing

Given that the machinery sector ranks relatively low in global greenhouse gas emissions, is it necessary to highlight the current

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Automotive Industry Trends May 2024

Car sales have cooled after experiencing double-digit growth in 2023. A significant slowdown in global car production is expected in

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Clean Energy Transition: Oil & Gas – Europe

Three-quarters of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions stem from energy usage and production, making the decarbonization of this sector a

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Clean Energy Transition: Oil & Gas – Asia

Utilizing fossil fuels to sustain our energy infrastructures constitutes 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the transportation and processing

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Construction Industry Trends March 2024

We anticipate a 2.0% increase in global construction output for 2024, marking a 3.7% rise from 2023. Advanced economies are

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Food Industry Trends March 2024

Global food and beverage production is projected to increase by 2.8% this year, followed by a further increase of 3.1%

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Critical minerals in LAC are key for energy transition

The vital mineral resources found in Latin America and the Caribbean are essential for facilitating the global energy transition. However,

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Will AI transform the way we all do business?

AI is one of the most important drivers of growth within the ICT industry. This is no small thing, as