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Manage risk through market diversification

Employing a multi-market approach in business mirrors diversifying one’s investment portfolio in personal finance. Both strategies entail mitigating risks by

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Crude awakening

To say that we’re living in an age of increased uncertainty is an understatement. The last few years have sent

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How joining a trade mission can accelerate your export plans

Prioritizing market diversification is essential for companies aiming to mitigate risks and capitalize on growth prospects. With a plethora of

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2024: The year the world votes

In Export Development Canada’s most recent Trade Confidence Index, concerns over how the world’s record number of elections could impact the

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Steely determination: Dalcini is making the world healthier—one lunchbox at a time

Nita Tandon never envisioned she’d someday run a multimillion-dollar housewares company. Truth is she only became an entrepreneur out of

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New year, old problems

Supply chain challenges have resurfaced. Just as the global economy appears to be moving beyond the disruptions caused by the

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Doing business in Australia: Opportunities for Canadian exporters

Australia presents an appealing prospect for Canadian businesses seeking international expansion. With a robust record of economic growth, Australia boasts

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Canadian seafood exporters: Casting a wider net in the Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific region has become an attractive prospect for Canadian seafood exporters, presenting an expansive and expanding market. Seafood holds

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India: Land of opportunity for Canadian companies

With the fifth-largest economy in the world and a middle class forecast to reach 386 million by 2030, India is

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What’s in store for ’24?

December is traditionally a time for forecasters to take stock of the year that was; celebrate the good calls, more