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Measuring geopolitical risk

The apprehension regarding geopolitical uncertainty has persistently loomed over Canadian exporters engaged in international business. However, the current scenario, marked

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Canadian cleantech companies recognized for innovation

Raised on a dairy farm in Quebec, Martin Beaudoin Nadeau imbibed the lesson early on that one mustn’t merely exploit

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Tech startups: How to build your global expansion plan

One of the primary hurdles for tech startups venturing into international markets is acknowledging the fact that they are, or

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Compliance & logistics: What you don’t know could cost you

There’s been so much written about supply chain disruptions in the last few years, it’s hard to imagine a new

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SME’s and Sustainability

Export Development Canada’s second SMEs and Sustainability survey—conducted in 2023—captures the perspectives of more than 350 small- and medium-sized exporters.

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Top 10 Global Risks of 2023

Annually, EDC Economics releases its assessment of the primary challenges that Canadian exporters are likely to encounter in the coming

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Counting pennies

While the probability of a systemic sovereign debt crisis remains low, and the vast majority of Canadian exporters tend to

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Building trust with Indigenous businesses

In Canada, the business landscape is enriched by over 50,000 Indigenous-owned companies, representing First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities. This

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Diversify your business through free trade agreements

When Félix Gauthier acquired a Quebec-based bike company 35 years ago, he couldn’t have foreseen that his Devinci brand would

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Why exporters do better with Canada’s trade agreements

Canadian businesses possess a distinct competitive edge when venturing into global markets, particularly in countries that operate under one of