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EDC gets serious about supplier diversity

EDC hopes to help balance the diversity equation, by creating more opportunities for diverse businesses through its supply chain. COVID-19’s


Costing and financing e-commerce platforms

E-commerce has been a lifeline for many Canadian companies during the COVID-19 crisis. But even before the upheaval began, the


COVID-19, recovery, and inflation

Are price hikes lurking around the corner, or are these fears unfounded? Inflation concerns are mounting again. That might seem

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COVID-19: Fast won’t last

We’re already seeing a growth moderation that will test our mettle, and future containment of infections is far from guaranteed.

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COVID-19 and CETA’s third birthday

Does this anniversary bring hope for better outcomes on the other side of the current maelstrom? Hard to believe that

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COVID-19: Debt drama

In 2020, we’ve seen the steepest year-over-year rise in public debt-to-GDP ratios in recent history. Nearly six months into the

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How a Calgary company used EDC to help it make a COVID-19 pivot

The idea came to Calgary-based Fluid Energy Group’s CEO, Clay Purdy, simply enough. It was March 11th, fear of COVID-19

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Selling online has never been easier…or more necessary

It’s surprising that only 17% of Canadian small- and medium-sized (SME) business retailers are selling through online channels. But with the new

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COVID-19: The Role Of Pent-Up Demand

COVID-19 has clobbered the global economy. Massive decline is imprinted in second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data everywhere. Analysts and

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Complying with CUSMA: What Canadian exporters, importers need to know

Nearly two years after it was finalized, the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) came into force July 1, 2020, replacing the