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High yield: have the tourists left?

High carry and higher spreads before a U-turn in 2023 The tide has turned for high yield credit. Since mid-April,

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The anatomy of financial bubbles, crashes & where we stand today

Some important segments of the US equity market (the NASDAQ, the NASDAQ 100, the S&P 500 home builders index) were

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Frying pan to fire: Will inflation spark a wage-price spiral in 2022?

Executive Summary Record-high inflation in advanced economies is turning up the heat on central banks. With average wages set to

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Economic outlook: Don’t look up!

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Global growth should remain robust but uneven, with rising divergence between advanced and emerging market economies. We expect omicron-related

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Public infrastructure investment: enough bang for the buck?

Executive Summary After a decade of declining capital spending, public infrastructure investment is surging in the US and Europe. Scaling

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European households: the double dividend of excess savings

In 2021, the glut of excess savings could generate a double dividend for the Eurozone: first, a consumption boom of EUR170bn, or 1.5%

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Race to the post Covid-19 recovery: 7 obstacles to overcome

The global recovery is on the right track albeit conditional on key differentiating elements across countries. Global GDP is expected to

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Show me the money: debunking a couple of myths about excess liquidity

The reflation trade that has engulfed capital markets is largely based on the idea that a lot of money has

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COVID-19 Webinar: Protecting Your Receivables

Canadian Underwriter hosted a free webinar on June 23 exploring the need for brokerages to not just protect their receivables as

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Rough Landing: 2020 will be a Terrible Year for Air Transportation

Global air demand could take two years to recover from Covid-19 In the first quarter of 2020, Covid-19 sparked an