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Olympic Games: The economics of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world

The golden era of global trade may be behind us. Until recently, tariffs were decreasing and free-trade agreements were increasing.

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Mid-year Economic Outlook 2024-25: Games wide open?

The upcoming political developments will again challenge resilience. While global growth hit its lowest point in the first half of

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Industrial policy: old dog, new tricks? 

Industrial policies and subsidies are making a strong comeback, particularly in major economies like the US, China, India, Germany, and


Climate change and the double impact of aging

Climate change will exacerbate the increase in health expenditure already anticipated due to aging populations. The number of people aged

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What to expect from the European elections

With an anticipated 60% participation rate, the 2024 EU elections are poised to be a crucial event for the European

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Allianz Pulse 2024: What unites and separates the demos of Europe

Ahead of the decisive elections on June 6-9, the 6th edition of our Allianz Pulse survey reveals significant divisions in

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Allianz Global Insurance Report 2024: Transformative years ahead for the insurance sector

According to the Allianz Global Insurance report, the global insurance industry experienced significant growth of approximately 7.5% in 2023, marking

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Ashes to ashes, carbon to soil

The biodiversity financing shortfall primarily stems from a lack of understanding: the assessment of ecosystem services. Ecosystem services, which are

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Latin America – Shall We Dance

This time was different: Latin America’s post-pandemic paso doble with inflation and the exchange rate. Reactive monetary policies, supportive commodity prices

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Managing the increasing threat of political violence and civil unrest

Businesses are more concerned about political risks and violence than they have been for many years, according to the Allianz Risk