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Keeping holiday shopping cybersafe

People are always in search of the best bargains and most affordable prices, which might lead them to consider shopping

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Containerization and its impact on shipping facilities

In the early 1980s, standard containerships were designed to transport approximately 3,000 shipping containers, each equivalent to 20 feet (TEU),

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Balancing the ESG Challenge in the Fashion and Luxury Goods Industry

The luxury goods industry must navigate the diverse interests of its stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious balance that safeguards the reputation,

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Measuring geopolitical risk

The apprehension regarding geopolitical uncertainty has persistently loomed over Canadian exporters engaged in international business. However, the current scenario, marked

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2024 Global Medical Trends Survey

Global medical care costs reached an unprecedented peak in 2023, marking the first time the medical trend rate soared into

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Need for speed: Canadian cleantech in race to decarbonization

For Jeff Keats, home will always be Canada’s East Coast, but when it comes to climate change, he’s a firm

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Global construction outlook: Liquidity cracks

Residential construction is facing challenges but managing to stay afloat. The surge in interest rates leading to increased mortgage costs

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For businesses, the holiday shopping period starting on Black Friday usually involves substantial investments in inventory. Retailers (especially) procure goods

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Black Friday goes international!

The term “Black Friday” is believed to have originated in the 1960s in Philadelphia, where it was used to describe

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Gravy for corporates, leftovers for consumers?

Thanksgiving alert: Elevated turkey costs on the horizon? Keep an eye on potential labor shortages. In October, the consumer price