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New deal: which emerging countries could be the winners of tomorrow’s world?

Looking beyond the divide with the West, the strategic interests of the global South often diverge significantly. Amidst vast differences

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Clean Energy Transition: Oil & Gas – Europe

Three-quarters of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions stem from energy usage and production, making the decarbonization of this sector a

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Manage risk through market diversification

Employing a multi-market approach in business mirrors diversifying one’s investment portfolio in personal finance. Both strategies entail mitigating risks by

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The best is yet to come 

Don’t look back in anger: Despite facing various crises, households in the nine Eurozone countries we’ve examined have nearly doubled

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Crude awakening

To say that we’re living in an age of increased uncertainty is an understatement. The last few years have sent

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Global auto outlook: Steering through turbulence

The automotive market is anticipated to stabilize in the current year. On one hand, we foresee a slowdown in car

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Clean Energy Transition: Oil & Gas – Asia

Utilizing fossil fuels to sustain our energy infrastructures constitutes 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the transportation and processing

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How joining a trade mission can accelerate your export plans

Prioritizing market diversification is essential for companies aiming to mitigate risks and capitalize on growth prospects. With a plethora of

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Trumponomics: the sequel

Whoever wins the White House in November will be confronted with a changing US economy. While the US has remained remarkably

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Construction Industry Trends March 2024

We anticipate a 2.0% increase in global construction output for 2024, marking a 3.7% rise from 2023. Advanced economies are