Blink and you’ll miss it.

This can be said of South Korea’s KTX bullet train—it travels at a top speed of 330 kilometre/hour—but it’s also true of the fast-paced trends driving South Korea’s robust and expanding health and wellness industry.

Home to the world’s ninth-largest health and wellness market valued at US$113 billion, 84.4% of South Korea’s 51.8 million people consume health supplements, according to the Korean Health Functional Food Association (KHFF). This association oversees policy and development of the nutritional supplement (also known as functional food and beverage) industry.

Driven in part by a high standard of living and a competitive culture that reveres traditional hanbang (the use of natural and holistic medicine), South Korea is a driving force in global health trends and a vast consumer market with potential for Canadian exporters of agri-food and wellness products.

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