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How to unlock Latin America’s potential for nearshoring

As the dynamics of global trade undergo transformation, governments and businesses are increasingly focused on fortifying the durability and sustainability

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What is a zombie company?

A “zombie company” is a financially distressed business that is able to continue operating only because it can cover its

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Tech startups: How to build your global expansion plan

One of the primary hurdles for tech startups venturing into international markets is acknowledging the fact that they are, or

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In contrast to the previous year, the most recent iteration of Coface’s survey on corporate payment experience in Germany was

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Insolvencies adjust back to pre-pandemic levels

The insolvencies adjustment process, which commenced in 2022, is continuing at an accelerated pace in 2023. The discontinuation of fiscal

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Compliance & logistics: What you don’t know could cost you

There’s been so much written about supply chain disruptions in the last few years, it’s hard to imagine a new

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Cyberattacks Can Have a Life-Altering Impact. Here Are a Few Tips for Managing a Large Claim 

When business leaders contemplate events that could pose a significant threat to the survival of their enterprises, they may initially

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SME’s and Sustainability

Export Development Canada’s second SMEs and Sustainability survey—conducted in 2023—captures the perspectives of more than 350 small- and medium-sized exporters.

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Is diversification dead?

The 60/40 portfolio split underwent a significant transformation in 2022 due to changing factors such as inflation and growth dynamics.

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Can AI offer disruptive opportunities for pharma?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and machine learning have become widespread tools in the business world, particularly for enhancing efficiency