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Top 10 Risks Living in a COVID World

The expression, “What a difference a year makes!” is usually overblown. Material changes take years, sometimes decades to occur. However,

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US: business environment strained by cash flow issues

Pandemic-induced cash flow pressure on US businesses is reflected by widespread deterioration of B2B customer credit risk Introduction The US

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Empowering Women In Trade

Gender equality in business isn’t a new issue. But if we don’t make a “concerted effort” to change biases and

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A mountain to climb: MEC was struggling before COVID-19. Now the pandemic threatens its survival

In early June, three weeks before MEC’s annual general meeting and hours before scrutineers were set to tally the votes

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Even in a pandemic, TCS helps IT company tap into new markets

When the COVID‑19 pandemic forced businesses around the world to temporarily pause much of their operations and send staff to

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Country Report China 2020

A sharp economic growth slowdown in 2020, with more downside risks on the horizon. Economic situation A massive GDP growth

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Trade confidence among Canadian exporters hits all-time low

COVID-19 and rising global protectionism concerns push Canadian trade confidence to all-time low With the economic shock from the COVID-19

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Country Report – UAE 2020

Like all economies around the world, the UAE is dealing with an unprecedented disruption of business activity and tourism Introduction

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Focus on the future: Building trust with Canada’s Indigenous business community

In Canada, there are more than 50,000 Indigenous-owned companies. Comprised of three groups—First Nations, Métis and Inuit—this dynamic and robust

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Webinar: Protecting Your Receivables During the Pandemic

Learn how Canadian P&C brokerages and their clients can protect their receivables when cash is tight. This webinar is presented