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Confused about exporting jargon? 11 common trade terms you need to know

When you’re employed in the field of commerce, it can be daunting to encounter an array of acronyms, particularly if

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Fresh leadership and new focus on Black-owned businesses

In recognition of Black History Month in February, many will honor the accomplishments and contributions of Black Canadians who have

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Outside the comfort zone: Expanding beyond the U.S.

Choosing the right target market is crucial for exporters, and while the United States is a natural starting point due

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2022 – What A Year It’s Been

As the year 2022 comes to a close, we find ourselves taking a moment to reflect on the past year

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3 types of political risks and how to manage them

Exporting to emerging markets can be challenging because of political risk, but these markets also offer opportunities for Canadian businesses.

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Three sectors to watch in 2023

The Russia-Ukraine war has caused disruptions in agricultural commodity markets, leading to challenges in the energy, agri-food, and automotive sectors.

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Top tips for a successful merger or acquisition

The global aerospace industry is evolving rapidly, and smaller firms are at risk of losing business to larger companies. To

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Latin America: The ‘pink tide’s’ second surge

How have economic constraints constrained a leftist wave in Latin America? Find out here:

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Risky business: Monitoring global threats

How should Canadian companies balance risk and possible reward in an ever changing global economy? Read Stuart Bergman’s thoughts here:

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Global Export Forecast: Trade growth slows sharply

While global trade grew sharply in the early months of 2022, it has started to slow sharply. Find out why