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A Look At Geopolitical Risk

The top global corporate risk is geopolitical risk, which presents growing management challenges, especially at the board level, on an

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In 2022, Asian businesses adopted a stricter approach to credit terms due to a year of aggressive interest rate hikes,

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More emissions than meet the eye: Decarbonizing the ICT sector

Beyond the obvious cryptocurrency surge, the global information and communications technologies (ICT) sector releases greenhouse gases on par with the

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Dream big, be daring, says EDC’s inclusive trade champion

Jennifer Cooke, the director of Export Development Canada’s Inclusive Trade team, aims to inspire entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to think

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Toasted, roasted and grilled? Walking the talk on green monetary policy

The upcoming ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra will place significant emphasis on climate change risks and their impact

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Global Pharmaceuticals Industry Outlook 2023

We consulted three Atradius Trade Sector Experts to obtain their analysis on the future prospects of the pharmaceutical industry, considering

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The year 2023 commenced with immense enthusiasm and optimism, but it is highly probable that it will not align with

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B2B payment practices trends Bulgaria 2023

Our survey results indicate a noticeable decline in B2B customer payment behavior in Bulgaria, reflecting a challenging financial situation in

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In focus – Past the peak – European corporate margins down again?

Eurozone corporate profit margins stood at 40.8% of gross value-added by the end of 2022, surpassing the long-term average by

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Flying low

After wild economic ride, commodity prices pull export growth to lower altitude; The last two years have seen Canadian exports