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Trade Credit Insurance for Businesses – More Relevant Than Ever

Trade Credit Insurance for business is more relevant than ever these days. The sudden failure of the Silicon Valley Bank

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Hungary: the most inclined to offer credit terms

In 2018, respondents in Hungary reported a significant increase in DSO and that the proportion of uncollectable B2B receivables also

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Beware! Delayed Delivery Can Increase Your Credit Risk

Carolyn Nephew, a member of the Receivables Insurance Association of Canada explains how train delays on western routes in Canada

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Receivables Insurance Testimonial: Ardwin Freight

Recently, Edwin Sahakian began a search for a solution to his credit management problems. He discovered credit insurance and redefined

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Headed to new markets?

Don’t let Embargoes & Political Risk Impair Your Business! Doing business in the global marketplace creates exponential opportunity as well