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Euler Hermes Canada Recognized as One of McGill University’s Master of Management in Analytics (MMA) Consulting Partner-Client of the Year

Montreal, January 14, 2021  “The McGill MMA Analytics Consulting initiative is an 8-10 month Experiential Learning engagement where we aim

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Country Report India 2021

The repercussions of coronavirus have hit an already weakening economy. Political situation Government still in a strong position, but social

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Global outlook: Hope deferred

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. 2020 began on an optimistic note with the promise that a fresh start

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Recovering from a Business Disruption: 4 Crucial Steps

Being prepared for a business disruption is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity for your operation. Whether it’s severe weather,

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Risk: Friend or foe?

Risk is swirling around us everywhere. Risk is rarely ubiquitous, but now is clearly one of those moments. COVID-19 has

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Commercial landlords and tenants need to work together

As the economy reopens, the use of commercial buildings and spaces face change Commercial landlords and their tenants will need

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Aon reports Canadian employers explore new ways to deliver better retirement outcomes to employees

Aon reports Canadian employers explore new ways to deliver better retirement outcomes to employees Report shows many employers appear to

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Turning the page to 2021

Do our Happy New Year wishes already have a very hollow ring to them? Spem successus alit. If success truly

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Why Accounts Receivables Insurance?

Interview transcript with Mark Hall, VP Elevate Global Insurance Welcome to Elevate Global Insurance. With me today is Mark Hall,

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How Canadian businesses can ride China’s economic wave

The remarkable growth of China’s economy and emergence of a burgeoning middle-income class over the last two decades has presented