Like most of their peers in the Americas, respondents in Brazil reported an increase in the proportion of overdue B2B invoices this year.

Brazil had the lowest proportion of overdue B2B invoices in the Americas region. However, the percentage of past due invoices increased impacting 82.6% of survey respondents. The main reasons for payment delays are insufficient availability of funds and the complexity of the payment procedure. The proportion of uncollectable B2B receivables stands at a high 2.5% and is largely driven by bankruptcies.

Credit sales made to enable domestic and international expansion

Historically, respondents in Brazil have been some of the most inclined to sell on credit terms in the Americas region. Despite a decrease of almost five percentage points this year, survey results point to the same open stance with 42.8% of B2B sales made on credit. Respondents are clearly more comfortable selling on credit to domestic B2B customers than to B2B customers abroad (50.0% versus 35.5%).