The best way to get from A-B: Logistics & Risk Management

The Emperor was obviously talking about the men behind the success or failure of his military crusades, and while his way of dealing with failure was extreme, it nevertheless illustrates the importance of logistics in any successful international operation. Today, to stay competitive, improve efficiencies and ensure customer satisfaction, companies often have to undertake complex logistical arrangements that would make even the great Alexander’s head spin. The management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption is no longer as simple as from point A to point B. Furthermore, in today’s world, the intricacies ‘behind the scenes’ of shipping and distributing goods is far beyond the complexity of an ancient Greek military operation. With undesirable disruptions to the flow of goods affecting a business’ supply chain and commercial agreements, risk management is a vital piece of armoury for a 21st century business