The second annual corporate payment survey for Germany carried out by Coface confirms many of the foregone trends. However, some improvements can be seen.

  • Despite the country’s robust economic situation, nearly 78% (- 6 points) of companies are being affected by delays in payments
  • Potential liquidity risks from very long overdue receivables are low and down from those observed in 2016
  • The payment experience of export-oriented companies is improved from last year
  • The picture across business sectors is mixed. Payment delays amount to 41.4 days on a cross-sector average, as in the 2016 survey
  • Some segments report much longer payment delays, particularly the Textiles/Leather/Clothing industries (54.5 days), Wood/Furniture (53.8 days) and the Transportation sector (50.5 days). The Mechanics/Precision (25.0 days) and Automotives (31.9 days) sectors experienced the shortest overdue periods
  • 87% of the surveyed companies do not foresee any impact from Brexit and just 3.3% expect an increase in their outstanding receivables due to this

View the full report here: Germany’s Corporate Payment Survey