• 2017 – a profitable year for Central and Eastern Europe: GDP growth rate reaches 4.5%, the highest level in eight years
  • Better results for the region’s 500 largest businesses in all three pillars: revenue, net profit and recruiting
  • Sectors: Automotive & transport defends its pole position, oil and gas back on track after a recovery of oil prices in 2017
  • Poland is home to most of the Top 500 giants

The international credit insurance company Coface presents its tenth annual study on the biggest 500 companies in Central and Eastern Europe – the Coface CEE Top 500. It ranks the businesses by their turnover and additionally analyses further facts such as the number of employees, the framework of the companies, sectors and markets as well as the new Coface company credit assessments. The trend of the CEE Top 500 reflects developments in the region. Here are the main findings…

Read the full report here: COFACE ANNOUNCES CEE TOP 500 COMPANIES