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TPP – Will It Strengthen Canada’s Economy?

From Global Credit Risk Management In 2015, the government of Canada announced the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This

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Automotive Market: Growth continues, but market will be steadier

As car sales approach the pre-recession peak, the sector needs to adjust from what has been a growth environment to

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Asia Payments Practices Barometer

Nearly 90% of the survey respondents in Asia Pacific reported having experienced late payment of invoices from their B2B customers


What is Political Risk Insurance

Emerging markets present great opportunities to expand the scope of your business, diversify your customer base, and increase sales. In


Trade Credit Insurance Can Help Your Business

Trade credit insurance can help: Boost your sales – take on new customers fearlessly and expand into new markets knowing

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Trading By The Rules – Harvard Business Review

Greater access to trade finance could speed the global economic recovery— if more stringent bank regulation doesn’t get in the

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Demurrage charges – Why understanding the difference is crucial

The term “demurrage” is generally defined within the insurance industry as the delay of a vessel beyond the time allowed


Infographic: 4 Risk Areas Following the US Elections

4 Risk Areas to Evaluate Following the 2016 US Elections With the 2016 US elections now over, risk managers need

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Since the launch of Abenomics in early 2013, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been aggressively easing its monetary policy,