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Coronavirus: an unwelcome guest at a bad time

The coronavirus outbreak arrives at a time when global growth is already expected to slow and negatively impacts growth and

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Global Risk Sector Assessment Map

Coface Sector Risk Assessments – Q3 2019 13 major sectors assessed worldwide and 5 financial indicators are taken into account:

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7 simple ways to make better business decisions

Bring your top staff together to brainstorm opportunities. Narrow your options down to a manageable list. Create a business plan for each

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What Could Cause Canada’s Next Recession?

First, an important disclaimer: We’re not expecting Canada to enter a recession anytime soon. On the contrary, Canada’s economy should

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Cyber: A threat without borders

Cyber: A threat without borders Most cyber attacks are multinational and show little regard for borders. As a result, cyber

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The North Report – 2019 & 2020

Despite some bumps along the way, 2019 was a solid year all around for the economy, for business, for the

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4 tools to help size up your global competition

Original Article When I tell people I work at MaRS, I usually get a doubletake—unless, I’m talking to someone with an

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Since the start of 2019, the signals warning of a slowdown in world growth have multiplied. While all economists agree on

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Global Economic Outlook – November 2019

Original Article The global economy is losing steam in 2019 and 2020. As the trade war accelerates this, consumer resilience

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Political Risk: Insights for Your Firm

An interview with Alison Ramsay, Vice President, Global Credit Lines Today, as many businesses wonder how to thrive amid political