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Receivables Insurance or Factoring – What makes sense?

What makes sense for your business. Receivables Insurance and Factoring both offer advantages for Canadian businesses. What makes sense for

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Expediting sales success in new markets

If you’re selling into a new market, you already have a business partner who can help. RIAC Member and VP

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Is the Canadian Bank Act Impairing Your Business?

The current regulations in Canada prohibit Canadian Banks from recommending comprehensive credit insurance options to their customers. By opening the

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Headed to new markets?

Don’t let Embargoes & Political Risk Impair Your Business! Doing business in the global marketplace creates exponential opportunity as well

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What Makes CFOs Sleep Better At Night?

Selling, manufacturing and shipping goods and services is all part of the business process but when it comes to getting


What is Trade Credit Insurance

In much the same way mortgage insurance is designed to protect the bank in the event of a foreclosure, receivables