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Brexit: A blind date is better than a bad breakup

The cost of uncertainty regarding Brexit could be as much as -0.1pp of GDP growth per quarter between now and

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Weathering the US storm: Economic Forecast for Russia for 2019 by Euler Hermes

The ‘new normal’ of modest growth predicted Russia GDP growth forecast to be 1.6% in 2018 and 1.5% in 2019

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Narrow window of opportunity for Brazil

The election of Brazil’s new president ends a long period of political uncertainty, but the window for much-needed reform is

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Global Economic Outlook – November 2018

The bright outlook presented in May has proven true but clouds are quickly gathering on the horizon. In an increasingly

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Promising Emerging Markets for 2018

The economic recovery in emerging market economies is expected to continue strengthening in 2018 and these markets could present opportunities