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Hungary: the most inclined to offer credit terms

In 2018, respondents in Hungary reported a significant increase in DSO and that the proportion of uncollectable B2B receivables also

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Turkey: the country most affected by late payment

2018 brought many changes in Turkey – more frequent payment delays, increases in the proportion of overdue B2B invoices and

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Czech Republic: frequent late payments in 2018

The percentage of Czech respondents reporting late payment remained largely stable. However, at 89.8% this is one of the highest

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Bulgaria: delays caused by insufficient funds

Of the Eastern European countries surveyed, Bulgaria had the highest DSO and 19.8% of respondents expect another slight increase over

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The Americas – an increase of overdue B2B receivables

The percentage of overdue B2B invoices increased in 2018 impacting 64.1% of survey respondents in countries surveyed in the Americas.

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Asia Pacific: an increase in payment duration in 2018

Despite minor improvements, the impact of late payments cannot be denied and businesses in Asia Pacific need more time to