GCRM – Global Credit Risk Management

GCRM – Global Credit Risk Management

Global Credit Risk Management (GCRM) is a national independent broker of Accounts Receivable and Political Risk Insurance.

GCRM is a trusted insurance partner, providing unbiased and independent advice. They focus on providing their clients with the financial insurance protection they need while delivering excellent coverage, with superb service, at the best possible price.

“GCRM spent the time to understand our business and our objectives which enabled them to do a fantastic job on our renewal. GCRM negotiated a significant premium rate reduction for us and added endorsements to broaden our coverage and modified our policy structure to reduce the administration time associated with our monthly reporting,” said Carrie Lane, Controller at Seven Continents Corporation (Toronto, ON).

Areas of Expertise: Accounts Receivable Insurance, Political Risk Insurance, Trade Finance Solutions

It takes time to understand a client’s business and in order to provide the best solutions, they begin with an in-depth diagnostic of their client’s business, inclusive of capital structure and approach to risk management. While the client manages their business, GCRM draws on their vast experience to deliver the optimal insurance solution. Their involvement does not end with the binding of coverage because business is always evolving, and they work with their clients throughout the insurance cycle and particularly during claim submissions and settlement process.

GCRM is privileged to work closely with companies of all sizes, delivering advisory services to manufacturers, commodity traders, the services sector, finance professionals, and to Canada’s leading banks and other financial intermediaries. Supporting the success of their clients is why they go to work every day.

“With our business growing quickly our financial institution recommended that we obtain credit insurance in order to improve our margining with the bank. We contacted GCRM and they worked with extreme efficiency to have a solution in front of us within days. They worked with our bank to ensure it met their requirements and they walked with us every step of the way. Having GCRM as a trusted partner allowed us to get back to focusing on the growth of our business,” said Saqib Fayyaz of Circle Cardiovascular Imaging.

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GCRM – Global Credit Risk Management
1730 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 800, Ottawa, ON, K1G 5L1

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