Credit Assur | Facilitating Trade with Insurance

Credit Assur | Facilitating Trade with Insurance

CreditAssur Inc., a duly Insurance Brokerage firm specializing in Credit Insurance, was incorporated in 2006 by founder and President Michelle Davy. She launched CreditAssur as a truly independent and self-funded Brokerage Firm in 2011.

Areas of Expertise:   Credit, Collections, Finance

As a Trade Credit Insurance Specialist, the day to day focus of CreditAssur is supporting companies in their financing and growth objectives by leveraging the product.  We highly encourage our clients to utilize our expertise by consulting in routine credit and collection issues, negotiate higher coverages and to protect potential claims. CreditAssur also offers a “Power Team” of highly qualified professionals who can help companies interested in pursuing International Trade. They can provide assistance on opening new corporations overseas, financing operations and setting up bank accounts, etc.

CreditAssur founder and president Michelle Davy spent 12 years as a Credit Manager and policyholder until she became passionate about the field during her four years as Credit Insurance Underwriter at the Guarantee Company of North America, and subsequently five and a half years as an independent Agent for Coface.

Michelle is a Board Member and Membership Committee Chairperson of Receivables Insurance Association of Canada (RIAC). She is a part-time author of Credit Industry related articles, as well as a Consultant and Advisor.  She is a keynote speaker and certified teacher by the Chambre de l’Assurance du Dommage (la Chad), member of the Regroupement des Cabinets de Courtage d’Assurance du Quebec (RCCAQ), as well as la Fondation Quebecoise pour le Credit (FQC) for whom she conducts seminars, in-class and online courses.

Michelle Davy
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RIAC member since 2013