A modern and agile company with the most finely meshed international network, Coface is a reference in credit insurance and risk management. With over 70 years of experience as an industry leader and a team of 4,100 experts in 68 countries, serving around 50,000 companies, Coface experts work to the beat of the global economy. Its ambition is to become the most agile, global trade credit insurance partner in the industry. We believe in business as a force for good in the world.

Areas of expertise: trade credit insurance, credit insurance, global trade, business information

We support our clients everywhere they operate, protecting and helping them make the credit decisions necessary to strengthen their ability to sell on their domestic and export markets. Sharing a passion for trade, we want to collaborate with our clients to build successful, growing and more dynamic businesses. And by helping build stronger businesses, we contribute to the smooth-running of the economy. This is our purpose.

In addition to helping our clients protect their business to enable their growth with trade credit insurance, we offer an array of business information services, including a flexible suite of reports, credit ratings, and scores that enhances companies’ accounts receivable management processes and capabilities.

Mark Jomaa

Chief Sales Officer



251 Consumers Road, Suite 910, Toronto, Ontario  M2J 4R3


RIAC Member since 2012