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Promising Emerging Markets for 2018

The economic recovery in emerging market economies is expected to continue strengthening in 2018 and these markets could present opportunities

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APAC Payment Practices Barometer

Emerging Asia remains the fastest growing economic region in the world with expected growth rates of 5.8% in 2017 and

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Mexico – More Than a Wall

Trump’s threats to revise NAFTA and build a wall at the Mexican border could offer new trade opportunities for businesses

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Eastern Europe Payments on Invoices Outlook

After an increase of almost five percentage points in 2016, the percentage of overdue B2B invoices in Eastern Europe decreased

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Business collapse shows importance of trade credit cover

The collapse of high profile fashion labels Marcs and David Lawrence can be used by brokers as a way to

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US leaves TPP-dashed hopes for industry growth in Asia?

The US decision to leave the TPP agreement could foretell profound economic and strategic implications for certain Asia Pacific economies


The most promising markets of 2017

Atradius picks the top most promising markets for business opportunities in 2017 due to previous strong performances and expected improvement

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Automotive Market: Growth continues, but market will be steadier

As car sales approach the pre-recession peak, the sector needs to adjust from what has been a growth environment to

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Asia Payments Practices Barometer

Nearly 90% of the survey respondents in Asia Pacific reported having experienced late payment of invoices from their B2B customers