Canadian companies can now submit an application, receive a quote, accept it and pay for their credit-insurance online. In response to the limited time of small business managers, we have designed, in partnership with Tinubu Square, an automated process which takes just a few minutes to complete from A to Z, as opposed to hours and days previously

Clive WitterSenior Vice President for Insurance

About EDC (Export Development Canada)

Founded in 1944, EDC (Export Development Canada) is Canada’s leading export credit agency. This self-financing, independent crown corporation is based in Ottawa and has 17 regional offices throughout Canada and permanent representations on 12 foreign markets.

EDC’s job is to support and develop Canada’s export trade by helping Canadian companies respond to international business opportunities.

Thanks to its 70 years of experience in global trade, EDC has evaluations of more than 75,000 foreign buyers and access to intelligence on millions of other buyers through its networks.

EDC challenges

Fully transform a credit risk solution for small businesses.

Screenshot of EDC's website

Our solution

The Credit Insurance Suite (CIS)

The Credit Insurance Suite (CIS) is a unique end-to-end software solution that enables you to manage the lifecycle of your policies, from submission to the payment of the claim, enabling a high level of automation and integration within your enterprise architecture while keeping the risks under strict control.

EDC benefits

  • A totally transformed solution
  • Total interactivity between small businesses and EDC
  • A completely automated online process which previously required 10 people and 5 IT systems
  • An application processing time of 10 minutes compared to 15 days previously
  • Maximum cover raised to$500,000 from the previous $350,000
  • Operating costs slashed by 20%

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